Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, this is not a dieting or nutrition tool.

We want to discover if a food makes you feel good or makes you feel bad or is contributing to your ailment or not.

You do not need to count calories or amounts.

This tool is very simple and fast. You click on the foods you consumed that day and the system does the rest.
Yes. Trigger foods put a heavy strain on your body and can drain your energy. Many people use Rex to find their trigger to low energy and mind fog.
Rex is what we call The Trigger Finding Tool!
It's very possible a food you're eating may be contributing to your symptoms and ailments.

Take the 21-Day Challenge and see for yourself. In only 3 weeks you will discover more about yourself than you have in a long long time.

You'll also have information and clues to share with your healthcare professional!
Most people eat very similar foods from day to day... week to week. 21 days gives the system 3 weeks to learn about you, your lifestyle and to see good days and bad days for your ailment.

The more days you track the clearer the picture will be.
YES! It's important to track ALL your days, not just your most severe ones. We need to see what you're eating on good days and bad days.

Your ailment cycle is very long for THIS ailment so you will have to be patient... BUT!

Track two other "minor" ailments that vary in severity more frequently. This way you're working on them while you wait for your main ailment to flair up.
You can track multiple ailments at the same time. But this depends on The Trigger Finding Tool package you purchase.
No. The system needs to see how you eat and feel in your everyday life as it relates to your symptoms and ailments.

You'll want to consult your healthcare professional before you make any lifestyle or eating changes.
You should be able to enter your data in 3 to 5 minutes per day.

As Rex learn more and more about you, he'll make it easier and faster for you too.

We've made this VERY simple and fast for you.

If solving your mystery ailment and symptoms is important to you... time is NOT standing in your way.
Yes, it's possible a "healthy" food may be a problem for your body or perhaps a specific ingredient hiding inside the food you're eating.

Every body is unique.

There's plenty of science showing the impact food has on individual bodies... good and bad. The trick is determining which foods may be causing trouble for you.

You'll discover more about your body with this tool than you have in a long long time.